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The BKT AT109 ATV Tire features a light weight 2 ply rated nylon casing with a more rounded profile. The BKT AT109 ATV Tire is an ideal all around atv tire that works well on hard packed and loose terrains. The BKT AT109 ATV Tires dimpled knob design provides increased traction with more biting edges. The BKT AT109 ATV Tire is made with a natural rubber compound that increases puncture resistance and provides excellent tread life. For BKT AT109 ATV tires order from our online tire store today!

Tire Size
Overall Diameter:
Section Width:
Ply Rating
Inflation Pressure
Max Load Manufactureres ID #
BKT 109 ATV 145/70-6 145/70-6 14.41 Inches 5.39 Inches
4 psi 77 94000647
BKT 109 ATV 18x9.5-8 18x9.5-8 18.43 Inches 9.09 Inches
7 psi 225 94000685
BKT 109 ATV 22x11.00-8 22x11.00-8 22.8 Inches 9.1 Inches
3 psi 247 94000739
BKT 109 ATV 25x12.00-9 25x12.00-9 24.29 inches 10.59 Inches
5 psi 430 94000753