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Lightweight and durable 6-ply rated carcass perfect for recreation riding offering a deep, wrap-around tread design that promotes forward traction while minimizing lateral slip. Stiff sidewalls increase conering control. Compound formulated for longer wear and increased replacement intervals. Extended wear product. Poplular sport and youth quad sizes available. Designed wtih rim-guard to protect wheel lip. This tire is made in the USA.

Tire Size
Rim Width:
Mounted Width
Mounted Diameter:
Tire Weight Ply Rating
Inflation Pressure
Max Load Capacity @50 MPH Manufactureres ID #
Carlisle Trail Wolf Sport ATV 20X10-9 AT20X10-9 8.0 9.90 19.90 14.1 6 7 300 560496
Carlisle Trail Wolf Sport ATV 22X11-9 AT22X11-9 9.0 11.40 21.60 18.0 6 7 392 560498
Carlisle Trail Wolf Sport ATV 21X7-10 AT21X7-10   5.5 6.35 20.60 10.2 6 7 235 560510
Carlisle Trail Wolf Sport ATV 22X7-10 AT22X7-10   5.5 6.50 21.40 10.4 6 7 255 560511