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More then 35 years ago, Carlisle Tire & Wheel introduced the first domestic demountable ATV Tire. Since then, they have been designing and manufacturing world-class tires for ATVs and UTVs of all shapes, sizes and applications. Everywhere you look you will find Carlisle Tires, including on new ATV's and UTVs from Polaris and BRP/Can-Am. Carlisle's engineering staff and sales and marketing teams have well over 100 years combined experience, with an unparalleled record in expedient concept, design and development time.

Their dedicated ATV/UTV Tire factory in Clinton, Tennessee operates under strict ISO9001 standards for Quality Systems and Process Flow, with its own R&D department specializing in the ATV/UTV product segment, capable of design, development and production, from start to finish. Dedicated R&D effort enables Carlisle to bring new and innovative products to market in an efficientand effective manner. Domestic production of their tires further enhances the value proposition with benefits such as greater flexibility in inventory management, better communication and quicker replacements Carlisle ATV/UTV tires are second to none.  

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